DeYoung Program Evaluation


Assess your programs and achieve your organizational mission with our thoughtful evaluation process

Our program evaluation helps you to improve program effectiveness.

Our services include:

  • evaluation consultation and design
  • development and administration of data collection tools
  • analysis and reporting

We’ll provide you with an outside perspective to help you determine if your program’s outcomes are consistent with your objectives. Each evaluation process is unique, but we guarantee you’ll receive an objective and thorough analysis to guide you in making decisions about your program.


“Overall the team was courteous, professional, produced their deliverables and met their timelines. Their products went over and above anything we expected in this first venture into quality improvement activities for this project. I would recommend them for any similar project.” – Lola Jahnke
Retired Project Coordinator, MDH Health – MCSHN


“Karen is extremely professional and efficient. She has a special talent for helping her clients achieve masterpieces from their wild ideas.” – Paul Allwood, Occupational Health and Safety Director, University of Minnesota

Case Studies

Training Case Study

The Situation

A large nonprofit, community-based outpatient chemical health program needed a structured, cohesive curriculum for its counselors to use with their clients. While program counselors provided clients with programming, it lacked consistency and had not been specifically designed to address the needs of the target population: low income individuals who had attended numerous treatment facilities.

The Solution

DeYoung Consulting Services developed a comprehensive relapse prevention curriculum for use with individuals who are in treatment for chemical dependency. In researching curriculum content, we conducted best practices research, looking at articles and models used by similarly charged organizations. We also gathered information from staff members via focus groups and interviews. Then, using sound instructional design principles, we created an engaging, comprehensive instructor-led training program.

The Results

A high-quality, targeted training program increased counselor confidence and overall program consistency. Counselors indicated that they felt much more prepared for interacting with clients.

Organizational Development Case Study

The Situation

A state agency’s training team had grown rapidly over the previous year, and there was some tension between new and longer-term team members. The team’s supervisor requested a series of team building efforts intended to create a more cohesive and effective training team.

The Solution

DeYoung Consulting Services conducted a needs assessment of the training team to identify areas of strength, as well as challenges to be addressed. The needs assessment design involved a combination of reviewing pertinent documentation and conducting interviews with team leaders and staff. The assessment explored their understanding of team goals, the respective roles of team members and any overlap between them, as well as communication with leadership and fellow team members.

The assessment indicated that there was no clear definition of roles for training team members and some staff felt left out of the communication loop, particularly the newcomers. We conducted a series of two-hour team building workshops to addresses these needs.

The Results

Team members created a team metaphor: Climbing Mt. Everest. The metaphor was a representation of them all joining together to reach the top. Team roles, along with individuals’ desired areas of growth, were clarified and the team supervisor later indicated that team cohesion was increased.