Karen DeYoung Biography

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Karen DeYoung, M.Ed., is the President and CEO of DeYoung Consulting Services, LLC.

Karen has worked as a training, organizational development and evaluation consultant since 1996. Her curriculum design, organizational development and evaluation experience, coupled with her skills and experience in community outreach and meeting facilitation, are used to help facilitate processes and sets of actions that enable groups to implement their plans. Karen has worked with many nonprofit and public sector organizations. Her niche is working with underserved communities.

Karen adds organizational capacity building to every plan; she has extensive experience facilitating a process that identifies the lessons learned from the process findings and how the lessons can be used to improve programs through goal setting. This often-excluded additional step provides a direct link between the data gathering and the ongoing plans. In addition, the process of facilitation helps decision-makers understand and internalize the findings and begin to plan options for the program.

Karen received a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast communications from American University, a Master of Education in curriculum and instructional systems from the University of Minnesota and a certificate in facilitating organizational change from the American Society for Training and Development.




Anna Peters Biography

Our Team Annas Headshot 150x150Anna Peters, M.Ed, is a Senior Consultant for DeYoung Consulting Services, LLC.

Anna is a strategic thinker with 15 years of experience in management, recruitment, training, facilitation, and championing diversity, equity and inclusion. Her areas of expertise lie in inclusive recruiting and hiring practices, inclusive management practices, and engaging employees and volunteers. Anna’s driving philosophy behind her work is that true engagement leads to empowerment and mutual understanding, which impact an organization’s effectiveness. On any and all teams she’s a part of, Anna embodies collaboration by modeling active listening and building the informal bonds that make for a healthy team. In addition, in her nonprofit and for-profit leadership positions, Anna has played a key role in using data to align business activities with overall strategy. With DeYoung Consulting Services, Anna draws on her graduate work in human resource development to help clients understand their organizational issues, and collaboratively identify solutions. Anna received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Lewis & Clark College, and a Master of Education in human resource development from the University of Minnesota.





Amy Snetting Biography

Our Team Amys Headshot 238x300Amy Snetting is one of two Project Managers for DeYoung Consulting Services, LLC. 

Amy has a passion for process and workflow improvement, finely tuned skills in client communication, and a keen eye for hidden details—resulting in an all-encompassing project management experience for clients. Like her DeYoung Consulting Services team members, Amy’s natural tendency is to collaborate, and at the core of her project management style is the relationship and rapport she builds with each client. That combination allows Amy to skillfully thread information together from multiple sources, capture details pertinent to project milestones and deliverables, and serve as an effective funnel of information between the client and the DeYoung Consulting Services team. Her seven years coordinating nonprofit programs have put her uncanny organizational skills to use, and her three years directing a youth ministry program have honed her leadership skills needed to manage high stakes, complex projects. She received a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies and health and sports studies from the University of Iowa.




Christopher Jones Biography

Our Team Chriss Headshot 150x150Christopher Jones is one of two Project Managers for DeYoung Consulting Services, LLC.

In this role, Christopher supports the vision of his clients from beginning to end by building and establishing strong relationships, understanding their complex business needs, and ensuring compliance and the successful completion of projects on time and within budget and scope. Prior to joining DeYoung Consulting Services, Christopher spent nearly two decades working in the hospitality industry, where he managed large-scale and high capacity restaurants and bars. It was in these roles where Christopher not only refined his people skills but also honed his leadership and management skills as well as his marketing and brand development expertise. In many of his roles, Christopher created and implemented innovative plans that increased volume and improved staff retention in an industry with traditionally high turnover rates. He also perfected high-quality customer service practices and ultimately cemented the growth, success and longevity of some of the most popular venues in the Greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Christopher most recently worked as the Relationship Manager for Superior Performance Center, a physical and sports medicine clinic where he not only created and implemented a marketing and business development plan, but cultivated and developed partner and client relationships for a brand new business.

Raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Christopher spent 20 years on the East Coast before relocating to Minnesota in the spring of 2018 with his wife and two year-old son. Christopher holds a Bachelor of Arts in marketing from Strayer University.

Vanessa Steele Biography

Our Team Vanessa Headshot 238x300Vanessa Steele M.Ed is an Evaluation Consultant for  DeYoung Consulting services, LLC

Vanessa has worked as an internal and independent program evaluator and applied researcher for 15 years for education, arts and human service organizations in the Twin Cities. She has worked in PreK-12 and higher education settings for more than 25 years developing and implementing outreach, community-based research, and professional development programs.  Vanessa specializes in qualitative research methods, educational program and curriculum design in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, ethnic and critical studies.  Vanessa holds a M.Ed. in Youth Studies and a B.A. in Journalism and African American & African Studies from the University of Minnesota. 



Ayodeji Emmanuel Oyebola Biography

Our Team Ayos Headshot scaledAyodeji Emmanuel Oyebola Ed.D is a Senior Consultant for DeYoung Consulting Services, LLC

Ayodeji has professional experience in healthcare, financial, and education industries with significant experience in leadership roles. He is a leadership and process enthusiast. He helps organizations improve efficiency and productivity through process mapping, system analysis, and creative ideas. He also trains and mentors leaders in various capacities. Ayodeji believes that organizations can achieve their goals by operating effective and sustainable systems. He approaches every task by focusing on the two pillars of every organization: people and processes. He believes that a system with efficient processes and good leadership will produce the desired outcomes.  


Born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria, Ayodeji holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti in Nigeria. He migrated to the United States of America in 2009. He obtained a Master of Arts in Management from the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a Doctor of Education in Leadership from the same institution.

Ayodeji is the author of the book, Caring: The Soul of Leadership that is available in Paperback and E-book on Amazon. He lives with his family in Rochester, MN.