Who We Are

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We are a value-driven and collaborative consulting firm that helps organizations untangle interconnected issues to clearly identify and achieve what matters most. We do that by facilitating an inclusive exploration of possibilities and authentically uplifting the stories of communities, partners, … Continued

Learning from Tech Failure can Strengthen your Virtual Facilitation

Picture this scenario. You are helping to facilitate the tech side of a 200-person virtual meeting with multiple scheduled breakout rooms on the agenda. You had preset all the participants to their pre-assigned rooms the night before and you are … Continued

Taking Steps to Address Resistance to Organizational DEI Efforts

What do these comments have in common?   These are perceptions and we can’t take action based on perceptions.   We strive for excellence and we don’t want to be perceived as lowering the bar.   Our focus is too narrow; it doesn’t seem inclusive of everyone in the … Continued