Colleagues and Friends,

We stand with our community during this difficult time and are grateful to those risking exposure to the virus in industries deemed essential. We hope that you and your families stay healthy.

This is a time of grave uncertainty for both individuals and organizations alike. On the other side of this health crisis is a new normal that has yet to emerge. Organizations will need new eyes to reevaluate and adjust their processes and needs in the aftermath of COVID-19. Our team at DeYoung Consulting Services is committed to helping guide companies through these difficult times and working together to forge new pathways in an uncertain future. This includes remaining flexible and working with our clients and stakeholders to adapt, as needed, our project deliverables, timelines and mediums of communication. Together, with our communities and clients, we have the resolve and resilience needed for the long run.

In response to an international call for social distancing, our whole team is working from home. We have shifted to a virtual platform and will continue to work with our clients via technology until it is declared safe to resume meeting in person again. To that end, Karen DeYoung, our CEO, was recently interviewed by the Star Tribune to discuss how local small businesses are adapting to recent social distancing guidelines. How do teams stay connected and productive during the transition? You can read the article here to hear our and others’ insight into adapting to this new work climate.

We wish everyone the best, and don’t forget to connect with others. We are in this together! Thank you!

Karen DeYoung|CEO of DeYoung Consulting Services


How Can We Help?

Services in Response to 2020

Sleep-deprived leaders know all too well what has been dumped on their plates in 2020. Due to COVID-19, a list of organizational challenges popped up overnight and continues to grow. Some have made the difficult decision to lay off staff and/or restructure their organizations in response to redirected resources and decimated budgets. These changes by themselves bring a host of challenges such as increased workload for those workers who remain, plummeting staff morale, and employee disengagement. Onceconfident leaders now feel unprepared to lead an anxious team down a dimly lit path.  


In addition, many leaders who have long cared about diversity, equity and inclusion are now questioning just how well they have incorporated these ideals into their work, how their staff and customers perceive their commitment, and what actions are necessary to truly live and breathe these values.  


While all these trials are coming all at once, the individual challenges themselves are nothing new to us. Since 1996, DeYoung Consulting Services has helped organizations take a fresh look at their programs, structure, culture, team dynamics, strategic plans, talent management, leadership, and community engagement—all with an equity lens. One area in which we shine is facilitating processes to addresses complex needs that cut across organizational levels. We are also skilled at navigating multiple perspectives.  


Our firm is strongly driven by our values and we are passionate about using our skills to empower organizations that serve the needs of underrepresented communities. Contact us to see how we can collaborate with your organization to find strength and possibilities on a new path forward.