When organizations are presented with challenges our team provides the expertise and skillset needed to create customized solutions. DeYoung Consulting provides specialized services in: 

  • Organizational Development (Organizational assessments, Team assessments, Culture assessments, Teaming, Strategic Planning, Process mapping, Diversity, Equity and inclusion| Read more >>
  • Meeting Design/Facilitation (Board and team retreats, Advisory committee meetings, Visioning and and planning dialogues)|Read more >>
  • Community Engagement (Inclusive public engagement, Standard and innovative information gathering techniques |Read more >>
  • Talent Management (Leadership performance evaluation, Performance evaluation systems, Leadership development, Board development, Curriculum design/development, Succession planning, Staffing structure| Read more >>
Our services are driven by our key values of:





Integrity and Respect

Global Perspective

Customized, Responsive Service

>> Read how these values guide our work.