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Improve your organization’s effectiveness with a culture that enhances productivity and teamwork

We’ll work to strengthen your team and improve your organizational effectiveness. Whether through a change management plan, leadership development, restructuring program staffing, resolving conflicts, fostering diversity and an inclusive workplace or improving teamwork, we’ll work with you to create a well-run, productive organization. Our organizational development process can include strategic planning, organizational and community assessments and building a common vision.


It was our pleasure to work with the DeYoung Consulting Services team through the planning and development of our strategic plan. We enjoyed working with the team and appreciated DYCS team’s emphasis on engaging the opinions of the community through community conversations and the data collection process.  DYCS’ ability to ensure the voices in the community were represented in the final strategic plan was crucial to our success.  Our strategic plan will provide Banyan Community with a clear path over the next 5 years that will help us better carry out our mission in the Phillips neighborhood and beyond. Thank you for your work and passion in supporting community voice.”    – Joani Essenburg, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Banyan Community


“DeYoung Consulting Services not only did an incredibly thorough job on our evaluation but helped facilitate a planning session where we were able to use information from the report to make critical decisions about the direction of our program all within a short timeframe of two and a half months. When the topic of hiring an outside evaluator and consultant came up a few team members were less than enthused about the work that would ensue. After going through the entire process, reviewing the report, and completing the facilitated meeting, everyone raved so much about the ease and exceptional work, that we will be hiring DeYoung Consulting Services every chance we get.”  – Sarah Hovseth, Development Manager, The Good Acre


Organizational Assessment

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Strategic Planning

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DEI Assessment

Internal listening and reporting: Addressing urgent DEI needs at a large nonprofit