Taking Steps to Address Resistance to Organizational DEI Efforts

What do these comments have in common?   These are perceptions and we can’t take action based on perceptions.   We strive for excellence and we don’t want to be perceived as lowering the bar.   Our focus is too narrow; it doesn’t seem inclusive of everyone in the … Continued

Tool for Applying an Equity Lens to Qualitative Data Analysis

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We do a lot of listening in our work at DeYoung Consulting Services. We are called in to organizations that are experiencing some kind of pain or tension. We ask a lot of questions, and we listen to staff, managers, leaders, partners, and community members through focus groups, interviews, listening sessions, and … Continued

CEOs Chat: Partnering in a Time of Crisis

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Partnering comes naturally when two organizations have similar values. DeYoung Consulting Service (DYCS) and The Improve Group (IG) have been partners for years, combining their skills and experiences for many exciting and challenging projects. In honor of The Improve Group’s anniversary, the CEOs of both … Continued

An Investment in Collaboration Creates Trust and Better Customer Service

Social service providers often struggle with providing their customers with a seamless delivery experience. One of our clients began wondering if they could improve their outcomes by further integrating their many services to their customers and asked us to help … Continued